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HTML5 Animation Breakthrough

Today we are happy to inform our clients that we've made big research in development of animated interactive web-pages using most modern technologies like CSS animation and transitions, SVG graphics, JavaScript and JQuery. We are proud to represent our Demo website showing most progressive methods in our web-design approach.

Interactive Web-site Demo

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DOCTOR SLEEP - animation of creepy cat

Recently I was occupied with interesting project for "Hodder Books" - promo video for Stephen King's book "DOCTOR SLEEP". The goal was to make animation of walking cat in the dark room. My very first thought was to make 3D model of the cat and then to bring him to life. But it's very hard to make photorealistic model of walking cat, it would be very expensive and took a lot of time. So we decided to make animation from one still image of the cat. How it looks you can see at following video.


Promo video for "Prime Student Loan"

In this project the client asked to make the video similar to "Enmojo". Of course with pretty serious script it looks not so funny but still has clean and minimalistic style.


Spanish Video "Igela Traducciones"

What I know about Spanish language? Well almost nothing except funny fact that at beginning of a question sentence you have to put question mark upside-down. The client asked to see technical stuff in the video. Take a look how it goes.



Starting this project I supposed to use nice paper textures to make the animation looks more fancy but the client wanted to see it in very simple and minimalistic way. This is actually promotion of plug-in service for wear store websites letting a customers to see them in a dress.


New Video For CML TV

I have made a lot of motion graphics for these guys from CML TV (Cayman islands). This last one video was supposed to be promotion of their bussiness social network. As always my graphics and animation were clean and pretty simple. See the folowing video.


Enmojo Promo Video

Enjoy this awesome kinetic typogpraphy video with character animation that we made for "Enmojo" project.